Age of Conan – New Player Tips, Tricks and Leveling Secrets!

Some Age of Conan Tips and Tricks for new players. I had a hard time when I first started playing, so here are a few tips that I put together to help out new players.

1.) The first time you get control over your new character, turn all the way around (180 degrees), and swim out and down towards that big reef you see. There is a secret chest just in front of it, and it often contains a magical ring that will add 0.5% to your fire resistance level.

2.) Then, instead of going right for the pretty girl in front of you, turn left and go along the beach. There will be  a few cool alligators to kill, which is good practice.

3.) If you loop around to the right, eventually you will come to some rogues, and then some gators. There is a gator boss who drops a human body part. Not sure what it can be used for, but it’s cool. He also guards a chest, that also might contain a magic ring with more fire bonus levels.

4.) After saving the pretty girl, go left for and find the mini-boss that drops a weapon…he also guards another chest that may have yet another magical ring.

5.) You get the White Sands Mausoleum key, along with a weapon, from the blacksmith that is outside and who broke your chains. Bring him some metal from the docks to get the key. 

6.) When you finally get to Old Tarantia, swim down underneath the boat and you will find an hidden underwater treasure chest near one end of the boat. It may have level 20 health plus some stamina potions.

Hope that helps!