7 WoW Farming Ideas for Newbies

Let’s face it, most online information for World of Warcraft, be it talents specs, macros, or instance strategies, favor the high level, end game content users: the level 85’s. New players wishing to get to that level have to grind their way to the top. Armor and weaponry takes gold to purchase, repair and improve, and the only sure-fire way to get that much-needed gold supply, besides sitting in the AH all day waiting for a deal to pop up, is to grind for it.

Well, here are a few suggestions for you farmers out there who want to break up the monotony.


One of the best starting areas for a mining farmer is among the Blood Elves in Eversong Woods. These hills are loaded with copper nodes and a double circuit around the perimeter will net you enough ore and semi-precious gemstones than one can carry, so make sure you obtain the largest bags you can afford early on. Once your bags are full, travel to Silvermoon City and smelt it at the forge.

Copper sells well, in both smelted bars and raw ore, in the Auction House. Once you have enough gold from your sales, stop mining and start smelting to level up your skill. Buying ore from the AH and smelting it is fast and cheap in the beginning. Should you find yourself running short of funds and a few skill points shy of leveling, head into the Ghostlands and mine any tin or silver nodes you find.

Buy or mine enough tin until you can smelt bronze. Keep this up as long as prices are cheap. You may want to download a good auction house add-on (like Auctionator or Auctionlite from one of the reputable add-on sites) to help make instant price comparisons.

There is nothing worse than going into a new area and finding a mother load of ore that is above your skill level, so get it up there early. You will want to be mining Mithril and Truesilver before hitting level 40.


Although you do not have the rich resources of Eversong Woods’ compact copper fields, you do have the vast expanses of fDun Morogh to explore. Copper and tin nodes are plentiful enough to get you started, though it will take a little longer because of the sheer size of this area. Nevertheless, the advantage you do have is an abundance of Tin nodes around Loch Modan. Combining copper and tin bars gives you a bronze bar. You cannot mine for Bronze, only smelt it. Bronze sells extremely well in most Auction Houses.

You will also want to be skilled up for mining Mithril, Gold, Truesilver and Iron nodes before you reach level 40. Thousand Needles waits!

Mining Thousand Needles

For Alliance and Horde characters, you can pick up the quest chain for Thousand Needles on your respective cities’ callboard, or find Dyslix Silvergrub in the Southern Barrens. Dyslix Silvergrub is a level 65 Gryphon and wind rider flight master located just outside Mudsprocket in the contested territory of Dustwallow Marsh.

Follow this quest chain:

The Grim Totem are Coming from Kanati Greycloud

Two If by Boat from Montega Firemane (which, by the way, is the fastest canoe ride you will ever have, captained by a Tauren pirate. Check out his hat!)

Do Me a Favor from Jinky (A) or Razzeric (H)

This is where it gets good! You get a diving helmet! Actually a face bubble that lets you breathe underwater indefinitely (as long as you stay in Thousand Needles territory). The trick is never to finish the quest chain. As long as you do not turn in the Down in the Deeps quest you can deep sea dive Thousand Needles any time you wish. Your movement speed is increased, allowing you to run along the cavern floor. Make sure your bags are completely empty because you are going to load them up with ore and gemstones. All nodes respawn every 1-2 minutes.

The Singing Sunflower

Here is an awesome quest for both factions. If you want a Singing Sunflower to add to your pet collection, head over to Hillsbrad Foothills in the Eastern Kingdoms. Behind the Sludgefields and Sludgeguard Tower (33.6, 49.2) is a farm.

See Brazie the Botanist to begin this short 5-quest chain. It’s based on the game Plants vs. Zombies and is a refreshing change from Wow’s pound ’em and loot ’em grinding system. Finish the quest chain and you can choose the Singing Sunflower pet as a quest reward.

For those of you having trouble with the wave of zombies coming at you (as I did) there is a YouTube video for all five quests (beginning with Botany Basics) so you can watch an expert do it properly.

Fast Tracking Your Profession

Here is a fast way to gain a lot of gold and materials to level up your main crafting profession: take two gathering professions.

Grinding for enough leather, ore, herbs or spell components to level up in inscription, blacksmithing, alchemy, leatherworking or engineering can drain your wallet quickly. Instead, try putting your craft on hold for a while. Skinning, mining, herb gathering and disenchanting (not to forget fishing and cooking) are moneymakers. Choose two main gathering professions first, then sell, sell, sell and store, store, store. By the time you reach level 20 or 30 you could have enough gold and mats built up to drop one gathering profession and pick up a craft.

Use your stored resources to raise your crafting skill and you can surpass all other crafters at your current xp level. Higher-level crafted items (such as glyphs, gems or enchantments) equal higher gold profits. A few exceptions exist. Some recipes are level dependent. You won’t be able to advance your craft up to 525 skill at level 30, but you can keep it maxed until then. Engineering, Jewelcrafting and Enchanting are EXPENSIVE hobbies. Once you near level 85 you can drop both gathering professions and learn two crafting professions if you wish, buying all of your materials from the AH or having an ALT do it for you. Try this method and see if it does not make a difference.

Darkmoon Faire

Regardless of your allegiance, Horde or Alliance, the one commonality we all have is The Darkmoon Faire. Luckily, for the pvp servers Darkmoon Faire rotates its location between both factions and can be quite the little gold mine for a farmer. Be sure you visit Lhara’s booth often. She is an Orc in the far right booth who sells herbs, potions and the occasional gemstone for patient campers. Moreover, they are cheap! So cheap, you can make a large profit early. Many items she sells go for as much as a 10,000-time markup in some Auction Houses. However, you have to act fast before the crowds show up and flood the AH.

The Faire usually opens at midnight (EST) and runs for a week. Lhara’s inventory randomly generates as she is cleaned out and respawn times vary, depending on how much pressure you put on her stock. It is definitely worth many, many return trips, even for the brave pvper who wants to take the chance on slipping into enemy territory for a quick profit.

Fishing for Deviates

This is one area where the Horde has a definite advantage. The only place in all of Azeroth to find Deviate fish is in the Horde territory of the Northern Barrens. There are three separate oases near the Crossroads, Ratchet and Wailing Caverns with pools holding Deviate fish. You want to be a minimum level of 16 before attempting to fish the pools due to the patrolling centaurs and snapjaw turtles.

If you are a skinner, miner or herbalist these are big bonus areas. While waiting for the pools to respawn you can gather materials and hunt centaurs to your heart’s delight. Deviate fish sell in the Auction Houses anywhere from two to ten gold each.

Players level 20 and higher have a definite advantage by using their mounts to travel quickly between the pools as they respawn. Alliance characters take heart, though, as you can still farm these little fishy gems by accessing the route through Ratchet. Take a ship to this neutral Goblin borough and head north out of town along the road. Once outside the town limits head WNW until you see the palm trees. Pvpers need to keep their weapons at the ready as deviate fishing can be a popular pastime for some Horde, and they jealously protect their territory.

I hope you find at least a piece of this information helpful to your cause and it brings you luck and new found wealth in your quest towards that coveted level 85 status.